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Importance of Having A Will
Needing to Update a Will
Benefits of a Charitable Gift Annuity
Using Adventist Donor Gift Fund
Passing on Giving Through ADGF
Gifts From an IRA

PGTS Style Guide


To maintain consistency with the Adventist brand, Planned Giving & Trust Services uses Advent Sans as its primary logo typeface, and when necessary—for certain language combinations—it uses Google’s Noto Sans.


In this ad series, Noto Sans Bold is used for the focus word and Noto Sans Light is used for all other text. A single image is used to illustrate the focus of the ad, with a simple line of text along the bottom of the page, followed by our website, The “Sabbath column” is also a part of this year’s designs, featuring the Adventist logo in a blank seventh column.


To maintain design consistency with our advertisements, only replace the logo and contact information on the advertisements.


In order for your department logo to be best represented, use a high-resolution, transparent logo file. Usually, a PNG or PSD works best. To replace our logo with your department’s logo in InDesign, click on our logo to select it, and then go to
FilePlace, and select your logo file. Your file will now replace our logo. Please be sure to have your logo left-aligned with the start of the small text in the bottom bar.

Division Advertising Schedule

Below is the schedule in which the GC/NAD PGTS Department will advertise in the Adventist Review and Adventist Journey. It may prove beneficial to run the same advertisements in your own publications and reinforce the marketing message.

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