PGTS Lifetime Achievement Award

William Robert “Bob” Daum PGTS Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Bob Daum, along with his wife Mary Jo, receive the PGTS Lifetime Achievement Award from NAD President Alexander Bryant.

SILVER SPRING, MD — June 28, 2021 — The General Conference (GC) and North American Division (NAD) of Seventh-day Adventists Planned Giving & Trust Services Department (PGTS) presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to William Robert “Bob” Daum of Berrien Springs, MI. For 36 years, Daum served the Seventh-day Adventist Church in planned giving ministry by presenting Biblical stewardship principles in churches, camp meetings, pastoral retreats, and other leadership groups while assisting church members and friends with their charitable estate planning.

Daum served many organizations before retiring in 2016; he was a field representative, associate director, and director of PGTS departments at It Is Written, Andrews University, and the SDA Conferences of Southern New England, Pacific Union, Ohio, and New York. He also served the North American Division as a committee member of the PGTS Standing Committee for six years. In addition, Daum was instrumental in creating Western Adventist Foundation (WAF), a valuable resource providing planned giving and trust services to SDA organizations throughout the United States.  “Bob has dedicated most of his life to excellence in Planned Giving & Trust Services throughout North America. Everywhere Bob has served, his legacy will be remembered and appreciated.”, said Jim Brown, President of WAF.

The Lifetime Achievement Award honors leaders who made a significant contribution in the field of PGTS. The individual must have exemplified enduring ethical behavior, exhibited ongoing dedication to the advancement of PGTS, mentored PGTS personnel, and have made an impact still being felt and appreciated today. A committee of nine PGTS personnel, chaired by Randy Robinson, Treasurer of the NAD, considered nominees and voted to honor Daum as the second recipient of the award. “Bob had a history of taking over PGTS programs that were struggling and turning them into thriving ministries that helped individuals experience the blessings of planned giving while supporting ministries where he worked. The committee members recognized, and greatly appreciated, Bob’s impact on PGTS throughout the division.”, said Dennis Carlson, GC/NAD PGTS Director.  

Elder Alexander Bryant, President of the NAD, presented the award to Daum on Monday, June 28, at the NAD Headquarters in Columbia, MD. Joining him was his wife, Mary Jo Daum, PGTS Director Dennis Carlson, and Associate PGTS Director Scot Coppock. The ceremony and an interview of Mr. and Mrs. Daum were recorded and will be shown on August 19, 2021, during a webinar for the 2021 NAD PGTS Continuing Education Conference.      

Celebrating the 2021 PGTS Lifetime Achievement Award recipient Bob Daum.

About the Award

Artboard 1Award Description

The lifetime achievement award is a crystal pitcher. Engraved on its front is the Planned Giving & Trust Services Dynamic Logo, the award recipient’s name, the date it is bestowed, and the inscription “For a lifetime of Exemplary Service.”

The pitcher symbolizes a willingness to be a vessel for God. To receive, without intending to retain, but rather to pour out a blessing for the benefit of others.

Engraved in the center of the pitcher is the Planned Giving & Trust Service Dynamic logo. The logo’s center is the Cross of Calvary, representing Jesus Christ, the ultimate gift from God. The author and perfector of our eternal salvation. Below the cross is an open hand prepared to receive, while equally ready to give…. symbolizing God’s desire to use every child of His to be a conduit for bestowing blessings upon others.

Arching over the cross, and the hand, is a semi-circle, thick on one end and tapering off on the other, representing a life-long journey of giving that grows stronger over time. Just as our faith grows, the more we give ourselves to God.
The inscription “For a lifetime of exemplary service” succinctly describes the career of those meeting the criteria for this award.

Artboard 1Award Criteria

A person receiving the Planned Giving & Trust Service Lifetime Achievement Award shall:

1. Be retired from active work in Planned Giving & Trust Services

2. Have exemplified enduring ethical behavior at the highest level

3. Worked a significant number of years (at least 10) in Planned Giving & Trust Service

4. Have held a leadership position within this ministry

5. Have exerted widespread and ongoing influence in this field

6. Have made a substantial contribution to the advancement of Planned Giving & Trust Service

7. Exhibited continued dedication to the mission of this ministry

8. Be an active Seventh-day Adventist in good and regular standing

9. Have displayed ongoing mentorship to current active personnel in this field

10. Created an impact through past years of service that is still felt and appreciated in Planned Giving & Trust Services today

Previous PGTS Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Tom Carter – Aug 8, 2019